A New Human Skill


Image credits: Harold E. Edgerton. In 1952 Edgerton took his strobe and photography equipment to capture tennis players' movement technique. His images illustrate how technology transforms the perception and understanding of action through space and time.

A Skill Augmentation Research & Development Lab

iCueMotion is an independent research lab dedicated to human movement performance and learning.

iCueMotion is developing a new generation of platform technologies designed to take advantage of today's wide range of sensor devices, embedded computing, communication, and cloud systems to render the most actionable information needed to enhance movement training and rehabilitation.

iCueMotion's algorithms to decode and analyze human movement data are designed from the basic understanding of how the human brain organizes, executes and learns complex movements.

The knowledge extracted from movement data is built into real-time feedback augmentation algorithms which are designed to help the acquisition and maintenance of movement skills.

iCueMotion’s augmentation technologies can be deployed across broad areas of products including wearables for sports enthusiasts, athletes and other professionals; new generation of smart sport equipment, as well as medical devices for patients.

iCueMotion's larger mission is to empower people by helping them harness their natural physical potential and perform motion skills consistent with their body type, skill level, and health status.